This family… man, where do I begin?  I had never met Erin and fam but boy when I did, it took about 3 seconds to fall in love.  Sweet Lex had made necklaces for my two girls, cookies for me, and didn’t stop talking to me and holding my hand the whole session.  And that’s all it takes folks, thats all it takes to win my heart.

We started their session in the GORGEOUS newly remodeled home in Southern California.  I loved being in their space, seeing their dynamic and feeling what it felt like to be in that home with this fun filled, wild, loved soaked family.  After we wrapped in home, we headed a whole 2 minutes down to road to the beach.  And magic of all magic took place.  Little K was having so much fun that she literally dove in the ocean fully clothed, and emerged with the biggest smile.  We all laughed, we all got wet, and we all made a memory that now is preserved forever.

Thank you thank you Vancura family.