Where to even begin with this one.  This stunning So-Cal session started off so difficult and ended up in some magical universe where everything went completely perfect.  I was shooting all over Orange County this day, too many sessions booked and not enough time to scout and I was feeling the stress.  I was searching all over for the right location for this family that I adore.  I had photographed them the year before and fell in love with them right away.  I really wanted to nail it for them.  But I was struggling with finding a location and worrying about the iffy forecast.  Only a couple hours before their session, I picked the only spot I thought could work, but the condition would have to be just right for it to work the way I wanted.  It was a risk.  I was stressed, I as questioning myself, and I was definitely feeling off my game.

And the session began.  And about 3 frames in I knew… this was going to be more than ok.  This was going to be a session I would always remember.  The weather did exactly what I needed it to do.  The light was perfection.  And these girls… oh my heavens these girls.  Playing and laughing with me like we were best buds.  It nearly had me in tears the magic and joy that was there.  I left with big hugs and a heart full of so much joy and a fresh reminder that the most beautiful experiences often come after trial.

Thank you forever Dustman family

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