Well hey there people of the internet.  Are you still there?  I know we haven’t spoken since my last post in September, but its me, not you I swear.

Man, it’s been a year.  2016 will go down in the books for sure.  Never did I ever imagine when I began this work 7 years ago, that it would lead me here.  To this place where I’ve done more than I ever dreamed to do.  This year I worked with the most amazing people.  I traveled to gorgeous places to capture some of those people.  I created some beautiful work that made people happy and filled my soul. I was able to work on some amazing projects that had nothing to do with my own little business, but that brought such joy and love to my life.  I built 2 new studios.  Totally renovated from the floor up.  And the communities surrounding those spaces have done nothing but encourage and support those spaces and holy moly… I have no words for the gratitude I feel.  Clearly no words because I’m rambling.  Just the biggest thank you you can possibly give on the internet.

And as we all do in a New Year, I’m making changes in 2017.  Big changes in my personal life and big changes for my business.  I’ve felt such a great need to write this year.  And I’ve done a bit of it on my instagram account where most of my interactions come.  But I feel such a deep desire to do more.  I count myself as extremely fortunate to have made it this far in the industry and one thing I have found myself really wanting more of is teaching.  Helping.  I didn’t really have anyone cheering me on those first few years when I really badly needed it, and I think I can be that for someone.  Those years that make or break the artist.  When you have been working hard, trying your best, and you still just haven’t “made it” yet.  It’s when most people quit.  And I hate that.  And I believe I can help.  I hope I can help.  I’m going to try to help.  Starting with writing more here and hopefully writing something that reaches someone in a positive way.

So what does all of his incoherent rambling mean?  It means I’m going to be teaching more.  A lot more.  More than 2-3 Light and Life Workshops each year (though those will continue).  This year I’ll be branching out into online teaching.  Still working on the specifics of how and where those will come, but I’m working on it and I’m excited to share my passion and experience with people all over the globe. This year I will be teaching all over the country as I travel for work.  I’m going to do my best to set aside a day for teaching at all of the locations I visit.  Either private mentoring or group classes.  Whatever the needs of that location are.  Some places on the list are the LA area, Oregon Coast, Arizona, Florida, NYC and London.  Your state not on the list?  Email me and lets get it added.

I’ll also be teaching more specialized classes.  I taught a class on working in direct light in the Fall, really spur of the moment like, and it was amazing.  The feedback from the attendees was that it was so helpful, inspiring and a great momentum boost nearing the end of the year when we often start to feel that nasty burnout.  It was shorter than the full day workshop and a little more affordable.  And there are so many different niches I would love to teach.  The direct light course, a studio work course, interacting with families, navigating the marketing world, building confidence and creativity, I literally have dozens of ideas floating around in my head.  And I would love nothing more than your feedback as to any other subjects you would be interested in.  I’m just really ready to help.  To watch you grow.  To show you what YOU can do.  I’m going to make you believe that you can.  Because I’m right.  You can.

Also here’s some pretty pictures of a family I love.  Taken at the direct light class.