Good winter all.  I don’t know about where you live, but where I live, its been cold and grey for long enough and we’ve got a couple good months left of winter.

Thankfully, I’ve got this summer session to look back on.  By far my most requested to blog session, and its just depressing enough around here to make me do it.  It’s got enough color and fun to life the gloomiest of winter days and I’m feeling real grateful for that right now.

If you knew Makenzie, you’d know this was THE PERFECT session for her.  Full of personality, character, laughter and color, this girl and her family stole my heart before I even pulled my camera out.  We strolled around the fair, ate horrible, wonderful food, rode the rides, laughed and cried, it was straight magic.  Every bit of it.

Thanks again Jones family for making this wildly awesome day happen.