Do I use the word “magic” too much?  I feel like I use it too much.  But for the life of me it’s just the best word I can think of sometimes.

This stunning Momma wanted somewhere unique for her family maternity session and I will forever be grateful that she did.  This location, on this night, it was an absolute dream.  Nothing could have gone better.  The 2.5 hour drive to the location was nothing but pleasant with the company of my very good friend Hydee.  And arriving to find this family that I adore, in a place as stunning as this, shooting with no one around and nothing but beauty in all directions, it was just as fulfilling as my work gets.

Thank you Page family for being absolutely wonderful.  Thank you baby girl for waiting until we got this session done before you made your grand entrance into the world.  Thank you Hydee for being the best kind of friend there is.  Thank you life for being so kind this day.